Winter in Ballarat

Visiting Ballarat might not be possible right now, but we'll be here when you can. In the meantime, there's nothing stopping you from planning your post-lockdown getaway – let us help you dream ...

Visiting Ballarat might not be possible right now, but we'll be here when you can.

In the meantime, stay safe, be kind and explore our great city online from the comfort of home with the Ballarat Virtual Winter Fest

And for now, we will share what we love about Ballarat in winter.

The daylight hours are short, but fear not, that doesn’t have to be the end of your outdoor adventures.  Embrace the cold and head outside in winter for a welcome dose of fresh air, exercise and beautiful scenery — there's an abundance of walking and cycling trails just waiting to be explored.​

Soak up Ballarat's wide-open spaces as you explore the region's picturesque lakes and mountains, or enjoy one of our unique paddock to plate experiences.​
For those looking for something a little tastier, come savour some of the region’s finest drops.

Then experience Ballarat after dark on a ghost tour, or step inside where it's nice and warm and indulge in a cheese platter and fine wine as you cosy up to a fire.

Here's a little inspiration to help you plan your post-lockdown getaway...

Enjoy what's left of winter from your home

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Katherine Scott
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Ballarat’s online winter festival extended until 31 August
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Things to add to your Ballarat bucket list

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