A lush and rewarding walk

The more you wander Ballarat and surrounding regions, the more you discover those hidden gems you never knew existed, and the Beeripmo Walk is one of those gems.

Located only an hour’s drive west of Ballarat, the walking trail is situated in the Mt Cole State Forest (25 kilometres from the township of Beaufort in the Pyrenees Shire).


The walk winds through the state forest itself as well as Mt Buangor State Park and has been designed to last two days, providing hikers with a genuine and rewarding bush-walking experience.

Get set to be immersed in cool, fern gullies and alpine plateaus and be enamoured by the breathtaking views and surrounding plains. The walk can be conquered in intervals so you won’t need to take the 21 kilometres in one hit. Instead, you can take your time and savour every step as you admire the lush greenery, the tall forested ridges, and the western plains.


Half way through the trail, you’ll be able to set up (camp) base at the Beeripmo Campground and while the night away surrounded by the beauty of this stunning forest, the smell of eucalyptus and the sound of the Australian bush.

For more information about the Beeripmo Walk, click here or head to visitpyrenees.com.au